Saturday, November 7, 2009

The beginning of are adventure

Hello everyone,
Well this is our first blog and I'm very new at all this process, hopefully it will get better as things go along.
This is a blog about the adventure of our life, and specifically, it is about the adoption adventure that we are beginning. We have always felt that one day we would like to adopt a child or two. Recently we have felt that now is the time to embark on this adventure.

Our fist step was to choose an adoption agency. After much prayer and consideration we have decided to work with America World Adoption Agency. AWAA is a Christian organization who is very bold about their faith. We liked that a lot!!!!

The next step was to decide on a country. Utlimately, we have decided on Rwanda and are very excited. This country is new to adoptions and not many children have been adopted from Rwanda.

So, where do we go from here? Paper work!!! We have filled out two different applications for AWAA along with sending them $1,375.00. At this point we are now waiting to begin our home study application process. I don't know all the paperwork forms we will need to fill out, but I'm sure we will become very familiar with all of them.

We are so excited to be on this adventure and to see God at work. There are two big ways we have already seen Him at work. First, I was praying for support of others around us that have gone through or are going through this process. There is another family whom we have met that are also going through the adoption process and they are also using AWAA. It has been so helpful having someone who is just a few steps ahead of us to whom we can ask questions. Secondly, we have been praying about the money side of the adventure!! This could cost us between $20,000 - $30,000 and each time we think of this it is overwhelming. So we are takeing it one step at a time. Each time we need to write a check,God has provided and the money has been there!!
This is how our adventure has begun. We are off!!! Hope you keep checking in and see God's hand at work around us.