Friday, February 4, 2011

DTR 5 Months

DTR 5 Months on Jan 30th

Well January started off with a big bang!! In the adoption world there was a lot going on, there were 20 or more approvals that were given to families. An approval is a letter from Rwandan Gov’t saying your family can adopted from this country. Two months after receiving your approval letter you should get your referral. A referral is a picture of your child and their medical information. So you can see why approvals are very exciting, especially when you have been waiting for one for 18months!! So like I said January started out very exciting with 20 or more families receiving approval letters. Not all of these families were with AWAA, some of these people are with other adoption agencies in European countries, others are adopting independently, but there were quite a few with our agency. This was all very exciting, and brought hopes of us maybe receiving a approval letter sometime this summer!!

Now for the past couple of weeks we have had no word from Rwanda. No Approval letters, no referrals, not much going on. This is typical those of the adoption process. It reminds me of being at the airport were you are always in a hurry just to wait, and wait, and wait.

We are at the point in our adoption were we need to update our home study. This is something we had done a year ago with a social worker through the state. So I have some more paperwork to get started on. I also have had the opportunity to talk about our adoption at church for different groups of people and that has been nice. Also it is neat to hear people from church asking about our adoption and they too are getting excited for us to bring home our other kidoos. One benefit of having a long wait is all the people that are getting excited for us, and it is neat to see God at work all around us.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support, we are in this together.