Saturday, October 2, 2010

1 month

One month down and an infinite number more to go.  Our dosser has been in Rwanda one month now, and that is so little compared to others who are adopting from Rwanda.  There are some exciting things that have happened this past month in the ministries office.  We have found out that they have a special room set up with all the dossiers in it.  They have assigned numbers to all the dossiers that have come in before June 2010 and that is about 78 or so.  They also have been going through many of the earlier numbered dossiers and looking very closely at them checking dates and signatures and looking for missing paperwork.  So a few family's have been chasing down papers for there dossiers and sending them to the ministries office.  We are hoping that this will lead to a group of referrals being given out in the very near future.

We also received some good news this month.  A couple of months ago we had applied to an organization called "Show Hope"  for some money to help fund our adoption.  Well we found out this month that they have decided to give us $2,000!!! The Lord is Good, All The Time!! What "Show Hope" does is they are the  go between adoptive family's and people who want to help orphans financially.  This will be a great blessing as we push toward saving $10,000.  We will need about $5,000 to accept our referral, and about $5,000-7,000 to travel.  If I remember to break it down into smaller sized it is not quite so overwhelming. 

One other thing I received this month from "Show Hope" was a little devotional about adopting.  It was very inspirational and encouraging, and I learned a lot.  One things was reminded of is that we are all orphans and God adopted us into his family, and what we are doing by adopting others into our family, is not something heroic, but just what God has done for us.  And that is what God calls us to do to others what I have done for you.  There were also many encouraging words from other adoptive parents, and what one mom said was, "I smile when considering how many times I complained about the wait, and I always thing to myself, "I would have waited on you forever"." This frays has reminded me that I will wait forever for these kids, because they are so worth the wait. 

Well this next month I will be praying hard for the ministry office in Rwanda to hand out 8 referrals this month.  I am also going to do a big push for the sale of coffee from our storefront.  So if you need some more coffee just click on the "Just love Coffee" link and you can order some.  At the end of the month I will get a check from $5.00 for each bag of coffee that I sell. 

Hope you have a great October, with all the leaves falling and cool crisp air, and lets work together to take care of God's orphans and widows.