Saturday, March 26, 2011

DTR 7 months

DTR 7 Months

At the end of March we will have had our dossier in Rwanda for 7 months now!! That is kind of exciting to me because it means we are getting closer now. There has been a lot going on in the Rwandan adoption program recently. Today in fact, six families from AWAA are traveling together in a group to Rwanda. They will be there about three weeks while they get their kids!! This is so excited to think that 6 families will see their children they have been waiting for ( many in this group have been waiting over 2 years since the time they were accepted into the Rwandan adoption program) and 6 or more children will be with their forever family for the first time!! Two of the families have blogs that you can follow along if you are interested.

We are all praying for these six families that the Lord straighten out the path in front of them and all their appointments and meeting will go very well. We are also praying for all the kids left at home while their parents leave for three weeks, this can be hard on some of the little kids left at home.

There also were two families who adopted independently from Rwanda, and they had two blogs with great video and pictures. I love to look at these because it gives a glips into what it looks like in Rwanda, and at Home of Hope.

News on our adoption is that some of our paperwork has expired, but we are not in too much of a hurry to update it, because it will expire again next year. So we are going to wait a little bit then update it. This is a little hard for me, because I don’t like have overdue, or outdated, or late anything. But our fear is that if we update it now and say this Dec we get our referral, and then travel in the next two months after that, it will be March again and our paperwork will be outdated and we will be getting to travel all at the same time. So we are hopeing that waiting a little bit to update will work in our advantage in the future, We will see.

Thank you for all your prayers and support,

Jill B