Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home study

We got some good news this week. We will be able to start our home study on Feb 5. This is when the social worker from Anchorage will be able to come and visit our home and interview us. This is the first of a couple of interviews, and this is the person who will help decide if we financially and socially are capable of adoption. So if you could keep us in your prayers during Superbowl weekend.
We also have been working on our online class for the adoption. It is an 8-10hr class that you do on-line with reading and videos to watch and quiz's to take. I think it is going to take all of the 10hr to complete. We have done a lesson every couple of nights and each lesson takes us somewhere between 1.5-3hrs. The lessons are over the whole adoption process. So the last class we watched as about the health of adoptive children. It was interesting to learn that there is a whole field of Dr. who specialize in adoptive children. None of course are in AK but they are still out their.
So that is were we are at in the process. Slow and steady we go, praying all the way.