Thursday, November 3, 2011

DTR 14 months

Well the travel group is done with all their paperwork and should be heading back to the states soon. We are so thankfully that most things have gone pretty smooth for them!!

We just had our home study update visit today, and it went very well. It was more of a logistical thing than any thing else. Since we had a new social worker on our case and it has been almost two years since we did our home study, they needed to just check in on us. When we get the paper work on the update notarized and to us, then we will mil it to USCIS and wait for them to update another form called our I-171H. All this has to be done just in case we travel and do not make it back into the US before Dec.28, 2011.

I am still hopeing to travel during the month of Dec, even though we have no proff of this happening yet. Now that it is Nov every day I get a little more excited, and worried all at the same time. This reminds me of when you are pregnant and every kick or cramp you wonder is it time to go to the hospital!! But when I was pregnant I knew when we were getting close because my tummy got bigger and bigger. With the adoption I have no idea when it is going to happen, one morning I will wake up and there will be an email with the picture of my children!! My husband says it kind of like the man side of child birth, one day you get a phone call and it's time to go to the hospital, and then you have a child!! I told him i would not be a very good husband waiting for that phone call.

I have kept myself busy with knitting a baby hat, which I'm on my third attempt, the first two have been way to big. I also have some fabric to make baby blankets, since it will be very cold here for them. We haven't gotten brother and sisters bedroom ready yet, still waiting to see how old they are. But I have lots of things on standby ready to go so it should be pretty easy to do. Please keep us In your prayers for pations and endurance as we wait this month out one day at a time.

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