Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DTR 15 months

In the Holding Pattern

I was hoping to have some GREAT news for you at this time, but instead I just have some news. As many of you know Dec 10th is a 6 month deadline for our dossier approval. Previously we were told that if Rwanda was not able to refer our children to us by this time that they would close our case. Well that has changed. The good news is that our case will not be closed come Dec 10th; they will keep working on our case until it is done, Ya!! The flip side of this is that they do not know when they will get to our case, it could be 6 weeks or 6 months we don’t know. So that is kind of frustrating when we have been hoping and planning on traveling during Dec, but we know that God’s timing in all of this will be perfect in all of this. Recently we also received some news that our case is at the Ministry’s office. It has not gone to the orphanage yet, because the nun’s at the orphanage have a stack of cases that they are working on right now. When they have finished with those cases then they will get new ones to work on. We don’t know when our case will move on to the orphanage, but it is encouraging to know that they are talking about us and they know where our dossier is at. So we are back in the holding pattern.
We have been encouraged by so many people, and so many people are praying for us it has been great. It is been wonderful to see how the body of Christ has come together and lifted us up in prayer; we couldn’t do this without it! Thank you all so much!!

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